Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi


A Place Unknown

 (Shane Srogi)

The Known Unknown. Digging through my archive doing a look back for the end of the year. I’m finding images that escaped attention, bring me pleasure or are just oddballs. I like this space.

I have a pretty good memory for my photos, I can usually tell you everything about that was going on around a shoot. Not this one, I have no recollection of it. Which makes me like it even more. Montana. perhaps….Wyoming, I don’t think so…..Washington State…..I’m leaning toward the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River. Shot on film I’d really have to dig to solve the mystery.

Making the Move to Lightroom

LR desktop


Transitioning from Aperture and iPhoto to Lightroom has become a common question in my Lightroom Workshops.  It’s never been easier with Adobe’s plug-in HERE  but it is daunting because no one wants to lose photos.  I am available to help you through the process one on one through the Palm Beach Photographic Centre at

Lake Crescent and the early days of my Career

 (Shane Srogi)

Lake Crescent Dawn

In many ways this was the Dawn of my Career.  Was just out of school and had moved from NYC/NJ to Seattle.  It was my return to the PNW.  I had set up shop as a Photographer and was taking my first workshop led by Art Wolfe.  The Great American Photography Weekend Series that lasted a few years.  They were so popular that I’ve run into many people that were in the same workshops.

Part of the Workshop was a contest with the winners from each being published in Outdoor Photographer.  The rules were simple, you have 1 roll of film – color slide 36 exposures and you have to turn the film in by 4pm.

That meant getting up before dawn.  My plan was to get out to the coast and then work my way back through Olympic National Park to Port Angeles and turn in my film.

I hardly slept.  So I was sound asleep when my travel alarm went off.  Luckily the roosters at the lodge I was staying at woke me.  I jumped in my car without coffee and raced west along 101.

Cursing as the sky started to lighten I knew I better go to plan B the coast was still 40 minutes away and the road was twisty, dark and wet.  Not at all meant for racing.

I was passing Lake Crescent when I saw this eruption of color in my rear view mirror.  I knew I had to pull over but where?  101 is lined with guard rails. there are many cars from the 40s and 50s in the lake.

The light started to fade as the sun rose higher, the cloud layer was about 500 feet I judged best I could with my rear view.

I found a pull off and a perfect view.

Fast is Slow, Slow is fast.  Put your 80mm-200mm on your camera, keep it dry, move to position and set up your tripod.

Disaster, the new tripod had frozen up.  I couldn’t get the plate off.  In my earlier haste I tossed it in the back of my car and it landed on the thumb release.

The light was fading.  GET THE SHOT.  That’s what I remember Art saying in the Lecture the night before.

So I braced the camera against the tripod and shot one frame.  It was the first of the day….and I had to conserve.

PART II.  Tomorrow.

The Good Horse aka The Escape Artist

 (Shane Srogi)


The Good Horse

Woke up this morning to knocking and the words you don’t want to hear “The Horse Got Out!”

Immediately you want to rush out but do things slow, get your gloves and steel toed boots. Get carrots and a rope. Now go find her.

Did she get off the ranch? My heart is racing because that would be really bad, keep calm. You don’t want to be agitated when you find her. That will just increase her stress level.

Do a search a few minutes go by. There she is! In her old stomping grounds the big pasture. Animals go to places that are familiar. It’s been a year or more since she has been over there. She’s playing BIG horse snorting and puffing soooo lets just close the gate and let her run this out. But it’s hot so get her some water.

Once she’s had her fun and realized the grass is indeed not greener She’s safe to approach. Calmer, tired and thinking maybe it’s time to go back to my nice shady barn with a fan. That’s the time to lead her back with a generous helping of carrots of course. Carrots work better than a rope around the neck.

She’s napping now in the comfort of home out of the sun and heat.

Good Horse. Every now and then everyone needs adventures. It makes one feel alive. A wildthing……free to roam. Good Horse.

iPhoneography Foundation Apps


Here are my go to Apps for iPhone Photography.  I’ve tried 100’s of apps these are ones that I consistently use.  Apps come and go in my workflow, these are the standouts my foundation apps.  They function well with the way I like to work on the fly, capturing, processing and sharing all within minutes.

Capture Apps

Camera+ Hipstamatic

Editing Apps

Snapseed Photoshop Express VSCO Cam


Instagram Flickr Facebook


App Shopper Social

New App!

Newest app in the line up.  

vividHDR  Camera Replacement App, (Capture App)

The iPhoneography Presentation was made on the iPhone using:

PS Touch (Photoshop Touch) one of the best for adding Text to a Photograph.