Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi


List of Top Ten iPhone Photography Apps

Here are my go to Apps for iPhone Photography.  I’ve tried 100′s of apps these are ones that I consistently use.  Apps come and go in my workflow, these are the standouts my foundation apps.  They function well with the way I like to work on the fly, capturing, processing and sharing all within minutes.

Capture Apps



Editing Apps


Photoshop Express







App Shopper Social

New App!

Newest app in the line up.  

vividHDR  Camera Replacement App, (Capture App)


World Animal Day

 (Shane Srogi)


The American Alligator for World Animal Day. 

The American Alligator was listed as an Endangered Species in 1967 even before the Endangered Species Act of 1973. This protection and much effort allowed the Alligator to repopulate it’s home range. In 1987 Alligators were considered to be recovered enough to be removed from the list. Alligators are fascinating animals. They are ancient and primal, capable of some very interesting behavior. Watching them is like looking at a portal into the past.  One of the best places to view them is Shark Valley, part of Everglades National Park.

The Gloaming

 (Shane Srogi)


The Gloaming

The beauty of nature for a photographer is expressed in light.  Cameras like the Nikon D600 have become more finely tuned to the sensitivity of low light allowing artists to express the subtleties of natural light after the sun drops below the horizon.  Sometimes I think that photography as an art is just starting.

Clover Field II

 (Shane Srogi)

Clover Field II

The beauty of post processing in the Digital age is that you can readily retell the story in a photograph by going back and reprocessing the image.  Advances in personal technique and software can aid in this endeavor.  My photography is dynamic, I will always go back to the images……perhaps retelling their stories with a different emphasis.

Happy Birthday to the National Park Service!

 (Shane Srogi)


Looking Back on Adventure.  A Photograph of Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky District.  The White Rim Trail Road.

I have had many adventures over the years in the National Parks, many solo but they are usually sweeter shared with friends or family.  Few have been in a vehicle as I prefer the backcountry but this is an exception.  Traveling the White Rim Trail Road via 4×4 is a true backcountry adventure.  Amazingly breath taking in more places than I can county it also offer white knuckle tests of ones resolve and driving skill.  I highly recommend it.  It is with many thanks that I offer the people of the National Park Service a happy birthday!