Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi

Liberty State Park and a Closed Station Platform

 (Shane Srogi)

Liberty State Park, New Jersey

The story of working on the cover art for Laurence Hart’s new album Closed Station Platform.

After watching “Joe Strummer – The Future is Unwritten”  I began to think about how much music was an influence on my early on in photography.  After listening to “all lost in a supermarket”  I did a shoot with my friends on a shopping run in college.  (Largely due to the fact that the photo essay had a deadline of the next morning and I had no day light left….and oh I was hungry.)

Not just the music and lyrics but the photography that went along with an album.

Anton Corbijn’s work with U2 on the Joshua Tree was huge… was black and white landscape and portrait work helping to shape the theme of the album.”

This is on my mind because I’ve been working with Laurence Hart on his new Album,  Closed Station Platform.  Larry has been great to work with letting me listen to his early demo’s so I could get a feel for the album and giving me free rein on the cover art.  Turns out I had the perfect shot, a Closed Station Platform, Liberty State Park….a place where many would enter America proper for the first time after getting off the boat at Ellis Island.  Coming full circle….a shot made during those early days when Anton Corbijn, U2 and Joe Strummer influenced my thinking and creativity.

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