Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi

All is Quiet

Morning and the Maze

A very fine start to the day, deceptive, for the afternoon would bring heavy winds, rain and battleship gray skies…in other words fantastic light.  A Nature photographer has to wear many hats, and more are being piled on all the time.  One that is well worn and servers the Wilderness Traveler and Photographer equally well is Meteorologist.  Being able to read the weather means that for the photographer you are ready for the great light that comes just before and after a storm.  For the Traveler, it means you get to set up a dry camp.

Keep an eye to the sky. In the Canyonlands this can be difficult if you are down in the Canyon, which was the case on this day.  Having spotted a sand bar, let’s call it a beach, my companion and I decided to make the two mile hike to it.  An afternoon at the beach sounded like a perfect antidote to the stress produced by days of four wheel driving the white rim road.  Traveling the white rim road is a journey that you will talk about for all your days.  So after navigating the green belt a thick jungle like band of vegetation that exists next to the river my companion and I reach our reward.  A glorious little oasis of sand that held true to all the promise it made when viewed from afar.  After a bit of nap I awoke to gray skies overhead and a bit of a blow.  Down in the Canyon you can’t see the weather coming.

I said we’ve got about 15 minutes to get back to the truck.  We left our little beach with haste.  Back, we went, through the Indiana Jones movie set that is the green belt.  Seriously some unique sounds coming out of the densest brush I’ve ever traveled.  I was being generous when I said 15 minutes it was more like 10 and sure enough with the truck in sight the storm opened up, hard rain blowing sand, the works.   This was the kind of storm you are glad to have a truck available for shelter.

The story continues with more images from the series.

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