Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi

Water Wednesday

 (Shane Srogi)

Welcome to Water Wednesday.  As I watched Chase Jarvis Live with Scott Harrison, founder of Charity: Water on Monday I was struck by the sheer number of people (1.1 billion) in the world without access to clean water.  More than that 80% of disease is due to poor sanitation.  We are faced with a famine of clean water.  This is the most basic of needs.  Clean water.  In the coming blogs I intend to post about my own experiences working toward clean water here in the States.  It’s an issue I started work on with non profits before I even because a professional photographer.

Every one of us should be asking what’s coming out of my tap.  This is a message of hope not of fear.  This is something we should work toward and a problem that can be solved.

Ever been on a grueling hike in 90 degree heat and taken a long drink of cold, clear water?  It’s a feeling of relief and joy.  Literally quenching ones thirst.  When hiking one of the greatest acts of generosity a friend can do is to offer you a drink, something they have carried for miles.  We can to that for everyone.


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