Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi

Rapid River, Washington State.

 (Shane Srogi)

When I see this picture.  I feel thunder and cold water in a fine spray.  This is a hidden treasure.  A waterfall on the Rapid River with no trail to take you there.  I’ve been to the start of this river.  The first trickle of water off the melting snows high on the crest of the Cascades.  A bit of a hard slog and you know you are in bear-county as the trees show claw marks but finding this waterfall is worth the bush whack.  The river running fast and cold hits a slab of granite about the size of a football field.  There is a huge boulder in of the slab.  When the water hits it part of the river takes a 90 degree turn down this shoot.  To find this work your way up the bank of the Rapid and listen for the thunder.

When I moved to Seattle I started work with conservation organizations right away.  Clean water is something we all need and in Western Washington it’s visually measurable.  You can see the rivers.  You can see the snow pack in the mountains.  You know if it’s going to be a drought year.  The organization I partnered with formed from river runners.  Through their sport they knew the river intimately and knew they needed protection.  They sent me all over Washington State to photograph rivers in trouble.  You want to learn the land talk to the people that know the water.  Clean water is the most basic of needs.


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