Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi

Fotofusion 2011

Fotofusion 2011 was awesome.  Held every year by the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Fotofusion is a series of workshops with photographers like Lewis Kemper and community lectures.  This year Robert Glenn Ketchum brought a conservation photography to the forefront of Fotofusion with several iLCP members giving community lectures.

Carlton Ward’s Florida Cowboys.  He’s personable and unaffected and wants to do big things for conservation in Florida.  He could be globe trotting but he chose to come home to Florida.  His next project walking 1000 miles of Florida in 100 days to promote a wildlife corridor

Ann Gulick’s Salmon in the Trees.  She gave a fantastic presentation.

Miguel Angel De La Cueva’s book about Baja was stunning.  He received the Rising Star award and attended many lectures and took photos of the speakers.  He was willing to talk at length with many of the people who attended.

Robert Glenn Ketchum of course.  One of the people who influenced me to pick up a camera.  He has some of his work rendered as textiles.  Hand stitched silk produced in China.  The level of detail and how the light reacted to the silk amazing.  After all these years Robert still got choked up when talking about the proposed ginormous gold mine in the Tongass Rain Forest of Alaska.

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