Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi

Palomino Portrait

 (Shane Srogi)

Some images unfold before you very quickly.  I find that I draw on my Photojournalistic training more often then not.  It doesn’t matter if I’m shooting the fast changing light in a stormy landscape  or a wildlife shot of a bird fishing for dinner.  The decisive moment happens very quickly.  Be ready but be aware.  Know what’s going on around you but be able to concentrate your focus when things start happening.  Here I was taping a video photographic tip when the Palomino on the ranch heard me talking.  A very curious horse she came over to check the scene out for herself.  Not wanting to miss the shot I pulled my camera off the tripod got the horse’s fly mask off (it makes her look like a superhero) stepped to the side to recompose the shot.  I got one frame and she was gone.  30 seconds total, 3 seconds before she left.  She walked away with a carrot I walked away with a shot that I’m very pleased with.

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