Landscape and Nature photography by Shane Srogi


The Good Horse aka The Escape Artist

 (Shane Srogi)


The Good Horse

Woke up this morning to knocking and the words you don’t want to hear “The Horse Got Out!”

Immediately you want to rush out but do things slow, get your gloves and steel toed boots. Get carrots and a rope. Now go find her.

Did she get off the ranch? My heart is racing because that would be really bad, keep calm. You don’t want to be agitated when you find her. That will just increase her stress level.

Do a search a few minutes go by. There she is! In her old stomping grounds the big pasture. Animals go to places that are familiar. It’s been a year or more since she has been over there. She’s playing BIG horse snorting and puffing soooo lets just close the gate and let her run this out. But it’s hot so get her some water.

Once she’s had her fun and realized the grass is indeed not greener She’s safe to approach. Calmer, tired and thinking maybe it’s time to go back to my nice shady barn with a fan. That’s the time to lead her back with a generous helping of carrots of course. Carrots work better than a rope around the neck.

She’s napping now in the comfort of home out of the sun and heat.

Good Horse. Every now and then everyone needs adventures. It makes one feel alive. A wildthing……free to roam. Good Horse.

World Animal Day

 (Shane Srogi)


The American Alligator for World Animal Day. 

The American Alligator was listed as an Endangered Species in 1967 even before the Endangered Species Act of 1973. This protection and much effort allowed the Alligator to repopulate it’s home range. In 1987 Alligators were considered to be recovered enough to be removed from the list. Alligators are fascinating animals. They are ancient and primal, capable of some very interesting behavior. Watching them is like looking at a portal into the past.  One of the best places to view them is Shark Valley, part of Everglades National Park.

International Tiger Day

 (Shane Srogi)



It’s International Tiger Day.  There are as few as 3200 Tigers left in the Wild.  Tigers can be found in the wild from Malaysia to Bangladesh, India to Far East Russia.  While few in numbers there isn’t a country with wild tigers that doesn’t revere them and that may be the key to their survival in the wild.

Jaguar in Black and White

 (Shane Srogi)


Jaguar in Black and White

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

 (Shane Srogi)

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

Season of the Wolf          206-633-0088 (shane Srogi 2012)

Season of the Wolf

For 20 years this image has sat in my archive unseen, except by me.  I look at it now with great satisfaction.  I am better for having known these Wolves.  Working on Wolf reintroduction has always been a point of personal pride in my career.  Where we are now is very far from that Season of the Wolf.  It seems we have learned very little in the way of living with Wolves.

Heading into the Wind

 (Shane Srogi)

Heading into the Wind

Horses on the Range in Florida head for shelter as a storm builds.

Osprey for Bird Day 2011

 (Shane Srogi)

Saturday May 14th is International Migratory Bird Day.

Osprey is in Southern Florida.  Taking flight from this dead snag to swoop down on a fish.

Great Blue Heron

 (Shane Srogi)

This Great Blue Heron hunts in the shallows of The Grassy Waters Preserve in West Palm Beach Florida.  The preserve, the headwaters of the Loxahatchee River, is both sanctuary for wildlife and drinking water for the city of West Palm Beach.  I was intrigued by the colors here.  Both the bird and it’s surrounding landscape seem to draw from the same palette.


 (Shane Srogi)

The close up of an Alligator making a dramatic display and the translucent quality of the teeth was really interesting to me.

A Horse Named Boomer

 (Shane Srogi)

A room with a view

Tropical Hideaway

This last winter was the coldest in 150 years.  The animals took a big hit.  Tropical fish died.  The usually ubiquitous frogs and lizards are scarce.  I was hiking in a local South Florida park and came across this little guy.  He had sheltered himself from the wind and heat robbing ground all while getting a better angle for some sun.  I shot this with my mobile phone then headed back to get my DSLR.  The sun had come out from the clouds by the time I got back.  Good for the frog not so good for the image making.

Wolves Looking

Two Wolves


 (Shane Srogi)

A Knowing.

It was an honor to get to know these wolves.  More curious than most they would watch the goings on at the sanctuary from a little mound they had in their enclosure.  This is my most successful wildlife image.  The first question I am asked “is that two wolves?”

It was the end of the day and I had two frames of film left in my camera.  I saw that the posture of both wolves formed a repetitive pattern.   Working quickly I composed the image, made the shot and with the sound of the camera shutter the wolf in the foreground turned and looked at me.  Two distinct images made in less than a second.  I had formed a bond with these wolves as the tours started with them so I spent much time waiting with them for people to gather.  Working as a guide and photographer at the wolf sanctuary gave me perspective.  Wolves are like all wild animals.  They act both as unique individuals and with the shared traits of the species.  They deserve respect.   View them from a distance, as you would any animal.  I think if people had the same attitude toward Alligators, Wolves and Bears as they did big cats there would be less conflict.  No one feeds or wants to pet a Mountain Lion.  One thing is certain Wolves inhabit the human imagination perhaps more than any other animal.


When you think of The Everglades you think of Alligators. Every Park is like that. The Alligator is part ambassador part indicator species. I’ve had some interesting encounters with Alligator’s. None threatening, basically animals are going about their day it’s up to the park visitors not to interfere. There is no mistaking the cat like hiss of an Alligator that has had enough. All wildlife require a personal space boundary, it’s a matter of respect and Federal Law.

The health of the park it’s self can be measured in the animals that call it home. Some of the challenges facing the ancient animal are easy to see, like enough water and habitat. Things like pesticides are invisible but deadly. The python has invaded the Everglades and found a habitat to thrive and multiply in. They have been known to attack Alligators. Bold.

For the Nature Photographer Alligators make fine subjects. They hunt from stealth so stillness is one of their hallmarks. This large adult was perfectly happy to sun himself as I shot with my 300mm.


 (Shane Srogi)