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Everglades Grassy Waters Preserve Restoration Area.

 (Shane Srogi)

Everglades Grassy Waters Preserve Restoration Area.  West Palm Beach. Florida.

I was lucky enough to be invited into the Restoration Area of the Grassy Waters Preserve last week by a veteran preserve photographer.

The Restoration Area is closed to the public so this was a rare opportunity.  Having photographed there over the last 5 or 6 years he knew many little details, things a wildlife photographer would be interested in.  Game trails, natural food sources (swamp apples) and which plants when rubbed on the skin act as mosquito repellent (this I knew you quickly file oh this plant repels insects under good to know in the Everglades) .

We had a great conversation ranging from butterflies mating and dragons flies cannibalistic tenancies to the merits of Photoshop.  He showed me where a alligator had rushed him….after uttering the words “oh don’t worry that gator will run.”  Seems she was chasing him away from her nest.

I was interested in the landscape.  The area had been restored on one side of the access road, pictured above.  A beautiful forest of native trees.  The other side left alone was a jungle of invasive plants that threatened to choke the native species out.  I was able to get this one shot before we hustled back to the trucks.  The man made good time he is I’m guessing 30 years my senior and I bike daily.

The impending thunderstorm made driving back to the ranch near impossible.  Lightning struck within 100 feet 3 times.  Sounded like a shotgun going off.  I was grateful for the wide stance and new tires on my Truck.  Most people pulled off the road.  Driving in Florida can be like that.  I’m glad the drought has broken.  But out Everglades are very thirsty.

Google Plus. Why Photographers should be there.

Why Photographers should be on G+.

With the TOS debate dying it’s much deserved death. Photographers can now get down to business here on G+ and that’s the key. In the two days I’ve been on G+ my Google Profile URL indexes high on a Google search. Pay special attention to your Occupation Employment and the first 3 links on your About profile as this information is included. This is invaluable, think online business card. Bottom line your Google Plus profile is Search Engine Optimized and formatted, which only makes sense.

-Shane Srogi @ G+

Happy Fourth of July Weekend from South Beach in Miami Florida

 (Shane Srogi)

Stars and Stripes Life Guard station.  South Beach.

Happy Fourth of July Weekend from South Beach in Miami Florida.