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Adventure Awaits!

 (Shane Srogi)

New Dawn II. North Cascades. Washington State.

From here there is a trail that runs a 1/4 mile after that Bear claw marks in a tree (6 1/2 feet up) and the trail stops. End of the line. Every step after that is a bushwhack. The easy parts are fields of water protectors (nature’s barbed wire). The hardest part is a knife ridge* that if you fail on, well, you’ll likely end up in the Rapid River….aptly named. Also, it’s best to make the trek when there is just enough snow left to make bridges over the many river crossings. (always a danger because they can give way and you may end up in rushing water/snow tube).

*I learned the hard way about the Knife Ridge, I was “skiing” down the backside in my boots and post holed with one foot down to my knee…..momentum carried me forward I could feel that I was about to fall over and my leg would stay in place… I did a flip…got out of the hole and was now sliding down the icy slope on my butt…..I rolled over and dug in with hands and feet till I stopped. All without really thinking about it mind you. FUN stuff!