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The Good Horse aka The Escape Artist

 (Shane Srogi)


The Good Horse

Woke up this morning to knocking and the words you don’t want to hear “The Horse Got Out!”

Immediately you want to rush out but do things slow, get your gloves and steel toed boots. Get carrots and a rope. Now go find her.

Did she get off the ranch? My heart is racing because that would be really bad, keep calm. You don’t want to be agitated when you find her. That will just increase her stress level.

Do a search a few minutes go by. There she is! In her old stomping grounds the big pasture. Animals go to places that are familiar. It’s been a year or more since she has been over there. She’s playing BIG horse snorting and puffing soooo lets just close the gate and let her run this out. But it’s hot so get her some water.

Once she’s had her fun and realized the grass is indeed not greener She’s safe to approach. Calmer, tired and thinking maybe it’s time to go back to my nice shady barn with a fan. That’s the time to lead her back with a generous helping of carrots of course. Carrots work better than a rope around the neck.

She’s napping now in the comfort of home out of the sun and heat.

Good Horse. Every now and then everyone needs adventures. It makes one feel alive. A wildthing……free to roam. Good Horse.